Remote PC Repair

Is your computer slowing to a crawl? Are programs freezing up and crashing? Do you keep getting pop-ups? Did you just purchase a new computer or buy some new software?

Consolidated now offers premium, remote online computer support, eTech. Now from the comfort of your home allow an eTech technician to clean up, scan, repair and update your computer. Save the time and hassle of unplugging cables and hauling hardware to a shop only to wait up to a week to get a solution.

eTech is a hands off support service that gives you immediate results from a trusted provider without the hassle.

Call 701.483.7300 or 1.877.744.7885 now.

eTech Remote PC Repair

Tune Up


Computers require periodic tune-ups to ensure they are functioning as well as possible. This package will offer the end-user the tools to maximize their computer’s ability. Let the experienced eTech Technicians get your PC back up to speed with the eTech tune-up.

Set Up


Technicians will assist end-users who have recently purchased a new computer or upgraded the operating system and have questions. The training session will offer explanations of common tasks and questions about the new computer system.

Clean Up


Technicians will scan the computer and remove common threats and spyware which can slow your computer to a crawl. This service will scan for imminent virus or spyware infections as well as proactively set up the computer to avoid future problems.



If the problem is outside the scope of either of the first two options, then the eTech Full System Review and Repair is the answer. This package will offer the customer a higher level support solution which covers a broad spectrum of troubleshooting commonalities.


$159.95 /year *

The premier support plan provides an unlimited technical support option for any of the services eTech offers. This plan offers the customer access to the eTech technical staff as often as needed in order to assist with any type of enhanced service.

* or $69.95 + $12.95 per month.